Indoor Rides


This amusement park classic, built in 1926 takes riders on a gentle ride up-and-down and around on a beautifully carved steed. Chariot seating is also available.

No Height Requirement ( For guest safety, parents must accompany all small children

Balloon Race

Spin around and around in colorful balloons, as you rise above the clouds.

Height Requirement 36"

Crazy Submarine

Enjoy the view as the crazy submarine takes you back and forth from the ocean floor.

Height Requirement 42"

Fire Engines

Be your own hero, as you race to put out the nearest fire, on Wonderlands oldest amusement ride, built in 1940, and still a classic.

No Height Requirement ( For children only. Parents may not ride)


Jump aboard your favorite elephant and soar high in the air!!!!!

Wet Boats

Ring the bells as you pass the lighthouse, on your ocean adventure.

No Height Requirement ( For children only. Parents may not ride)

Frog Jump Around

Hop on for a bouncing good time!

Must be 36” or accompanied by an adult.

Speedway Whip

Pick your favorite NASCAR driver and start your engines , the race is about to begin.

Height Requirement 36"


A Wonderland Pier tradition since 1965, this ride will give you the best view of our park, letting you plan your days excitement.

Height Requirement 48"