Lower Deck Rides

Canyon Falls Log Flume

There’s no such thing as staying dry on the Canyon Falls. Enjoy yourself on this scenic tour through our canyons, while you listen for the unexpected noises of the night. Remember to smile, because someone is always watching you.

Height Requirement 44"

Runaway Train Coaster

Get ready to soar with excitement on the Runaway Train Roller Coaster. Climb the tall hill, put you hands up, and get ready to screeeeeeam!!!

Skooter Bumper Cars

No trip to Wonderland Pier would be complete without a ride on our classic bumper cars.

Height Requirement 48"

Moby Dick

Swing to the left, swing to the right, then swing all the way around as you scream with excitement this exciting thrill ride

Haunted Dark Ride


Must be 48” to ride alone. Must be 36” to ride with an adult.

Drop Tower – NEW for 2017!

Our 130' thrilling Drop Tower gives riders a breath taking experience as they accelerate towards the ground from a height of 120 FEET reaching a speed of 47 MPH! Not to mention - our Drop Tower offers awesome aerial views of OCNJ!